How to Make Your Studio Feel Like a One-Bedroom

Introducing: The Leesa mattress. Leesa is an innovative new direct-to-consumer online mattress company that Forbes recently named to its list of Top 20 Startups to Watch in 2016. Leesa has created a premium hybrid foam mattress which ships compressed in a box to your door. They offer customers 100 nights to try it, risk-free. And through Leesa’s One-Ten initiative, they donate one mattress to a homeless shelter for every 10 they sell. 

Today, Leesa shares 8 great tips to make your studio apartment feel like a one-bedroom!

In a recent episode of HBO’s Girls, Marnie’s new husband blunders his first spousal attempt to impress his new wife. Intending to create some of the privacy of a one-bedroom, he put a permanent wall down the middle of their tiny shared studio apartment, inadvertently making it feel even smaller. “But you said you wanted more space and it’ll give us privacy!” Desi yells, mid-fight. “I literally meant more space, as in, I want a bigger apartment!” Marnie snaps back.

The Leesa mattress was made for unconventional living spaces. You order online and Leesa delivers free to your door in a conveniently-sized box, so there’s no need to bribe your neighbors for help moving it in place, and the innovative design ensures cooling airflow so it doesn’t “sleep hot.” Leesa donates one mattress for every ten sold and they offer a 100-night guarantee. With 2,100+ five-star reviews, there’s no reason not to try one out. If you’re like us, you put a lot of effort into setting up a peaceful, serene place to sleep in your new place. Finish off your space with a better place to sleep.

An “unconventional” apartment can sometimes mean a small studio where your bedroom, living room, and kitchen are all out in the open. If you live in a studio – especially if you’re attempting it with another person – you’ve probably considered installing a Desi-wall to get the privacy of a one-bedroom. But before you go erecting any permanent structures, which can wind up making the space feel even smaller, try out some of the more flexible, less expensive ideas below.

1. Maximize light. If you decide to put up curtains, go with airy, light-colored, breezy fabrics that sunlight comes straight through. Daylight sends a signal to your brain that you’re outdoors, making almost any space feel larger.

2. Use floating shelves. They serve double duty as décor and storage, which is incredibly valuable in a small place.

3. Monochrome is your friend. It may feel less-than-exciting at first, but keeping the same color walls as your cabinets and major furniture (nothing dark) will help make the space feel open. Use pops of more saturated colors to delineate “zones.”

4. Make use of vertical space. Lookup. How high are your ceilings? Vertical space can be especially helpful for storage, like the bike in the picture above. Take a look at how high your ceiling is and stack things on top of each other wherever possible.

5. Set up a few semi-transparent partitions. The beer-bottle partition above is sophisticated and inexpensive to create, or you can shop online for a budget-friendly hanging partition. Either choice permits a bit of privacy while allowing light through.

6. Or go for more traditional bookshelves or stackable Ikea cubes. They provide storage and section off different zones, mimicking the feel of separate rooms.

7. Consider curtains around your bed for a bit more privacy. But be warned: Sounds still travel.

8. Get a Leesa mattress. Leesa ships compressed in a box straight to your door, so you won’t need a team of friends to help maneuver it into place. Its premium materials, 2,100+ five-star reviews and 100-night guarantee mean you’ll raise your sleep game. Plus, your Leesa will look great even when you’re washing your one set of sheets. (Who has room for two sets?)

You can order your Leesa online in five minutes, and the 100-night guarantee and 2,100+ five star reviews mean there’s no reason to keep attempting sleep on your old mattress. And since you’re a Bond New York reader, you can take $75 off your new Leesa mattress of any size. Just head to and enter code BOND75 at checkout.