The Sound And The Fury Of Living In Manhattan

Noise and sound pollution are two hazards New Yorkers are very familiar with. Here are some great window treatment solutions that can ensure your home is peaceful.

Are you struggling with hard to reach windows? Or maybe you just want the extra flexibility of a remote controlled shades.

Now you can turn your window coverings into motorized shades, blinds, and drapes thanks to the innovative technology from Somfy and Lutron. Motorized shades tilt open or shut while motorized blinds can be fully raised or lowered with your remote control system. With effortless installation and hassle-free maintenance, motorized blinds offer the most handy and straightforward solution to manage the light coming in and to control your privacy! The epitome of comfort, control and elegance, motorized blinds are an excellent add-on to any home. They can be incorporated into your home’s automation system by programming them in with preferred settings or totally automating them with a set schedule. Make the future a reality today with Alluring Window Motorized Window Treatments!

When it comes to blackout shades New York homes benefit from the obvious advantages, such as light and heat blocking. However, room darkening shades are good for more than simply darkening a room. They save energy and reduce your utility costs along with carbon emissions. On top of that, room darkening shades can help you sleep better and garner some unexpected health benefits by keeping your bedroom cooler and darker.

Like blackout curtains, blackout shades are made from heavy, tightly woven fabric. Some blackout fabric even has multiple layers to enhance insulating effects. That means maximum light and heat blocked out, interior temperatures remain optimal and less greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere. Plus, keeping your room darkening shades drawn when the sun is hitting the window will also protect your furniture and carpeting from harmful UV rays. You’ll not only sleep better, live healthier and be more comfortable, but you’ll do it all in style with Alluring Window Room Darkening Window Treatments.

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