Your Guide To Living With A Pet In NYC

Renting or buying a home in New York City can already be stressful. Add a pet into the mix and the challenges increase. While many buildings gives cats the O.K., dogs face greater restrictions. Some landlords, condo buildings, and co-op boards want the pet to be a certain breed, will request references, and have to meet weight requirements. It’s not uncommon for a co-op board to want to interview your pet. This being Manhattan, there are even services that will help your pet get “interview ready.”

Common sense goes a long way when it comes to finding the right home for you and your pet even within the pet-friendly options. You know your pet the best and it’s only fair to try and provide the best conditions for them. If your dog is normally quiet, but will bark when hearing unfamiliar sounds, the first floor near the entrance of a non doorman building is probably not a good choice. Same goes for how you pet reacts to being in confined spaces like an elevator with strangers. If you are moving to the city for the first time, you are going to want to evaluate your current living conditions and recognize what will and will not work for your pet in their new environment.

Beyond the physical building’s acceptance of your four-legged friend, other things to factor in are pet-friendly building amenities such as indoor or outdoor play spaces, dog-walkers and grooming facilities. In the last several years, pet-amenity buildings have sprung up around the city and you may want to consider a building that not only accepts pets, but embraces them as part of the building’s lifestyle. You will also want to consider the distance to a local park or dog run, veterinarian services in the area and pet supplies (if you aren’t close to one, is a pet supply delivery service).

There are fewer apartments that allow pets than those that do, but the nice thing is once you are in a pet-friendly building you usually find that there is a real sense of community and pet owners within the building share a special bond. We’ve  seen many buildings that have pet treats in the lobby!

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